PT Clinics

Continuing Education

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Fun, with a love of learning! Involved in the local community.

Those are some key attributes that describe our therapists at Performance Physical Therapy.

Our professional staff has an unlimited education benefit which means that our therapists have the most up to date training available and you can have confidence that you will receive the best care possible. In addition, our therapists have observed countless surgeries as part of their continuing education.

You can expect the best with the following courses taken within the last two years:

Long Term Courses

  • Orthopedic PT Yearlong Post-Grad Program
  • Kaiser Hayward Fellowship
  • Australian Based Long Term Program


  • Australian Approach to Exam & Tx of the spine
  • Mulligan Concept: Upper Qtr NAGS, SNAGS
  • Treating the Patient with Low Back Dysfunction
  • Manual Therapy for the Lumbar Spine
  • Orthopedic Manual Therapy for the Cervical Spine
  • McKensie Part A Lumbar
  • Advanced Pelvic Course
  • Successful Evaluation & Treatment LBP
  • Clinical Skills for Cervical Spine
  • Institute of Physical Art LumboPelvic Interaction
  • IPA Lumbar Pelvic Integration
  • Cervical - Thoracic Integration
  • Intro to Pelvis: Restoring Function, Relieving Pain


  • Biomechanics of the Hand
  • UE Splinting; Static, Progressive & Dynamic
  • The Hand, Wrist and Elbow Complex
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of the Wrist
  • Surgery & Rehabilitation of the Hands
  • 2002 Comprehensive Survey of Hand Therapy
  • Arthroplasties of the Elbow, Wrist & Hand
  • Advanced Dynamic Splinting Rationales & Techniques
  • Joint Mobilization of the Upper Extremity


  • Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • US and E-Stim: A Practical Approach
  • MS, Fibromyalgia and Regional Pain
  • Instructor Training in Prenatal & Post Partum Exercise
  • Pilates Mat Certification
  • The Foam Roll Approach
  • Back to Golf
  • Clinical Applications in the use of Physical Agent Modalities
  • Titleist Performance Institute
  • Strain/Counter Strain